~ The Perfect Kitchen to Amaze Your Guests ~
Villa Scacciapensieri is the best location to organize your fairytale wedding. The perfect wedding location is certainly Tuscany. This is because Tuscany is the land of lovers, dreams, poetry and courteous love.

You will be able to experience the wedding you have always dreamed of, thanks to a delicious catering organized by our cook, enjoying our gardens and the view of the wonderful Tuscan hills. Chianti, with its colors, smells and flavors, will leave everyone speechless: every time a person looks out over the Tuscan landscape it is as if he were seeing it for the first time.

Villa Scacciapensieri and the InVilla restaurant revive the nineteenth century and represent a perfect period villa for your fairytale wedding. Located on the "Colle della Capriola", north of Siena, it was one of the many summer residences where many famous people and the bourgeoisie, in good weather, rested and enjoyed the countryside.

Book your event at Villa Scacciapensieri and turn your wedding into the most beautiful memory of your life. The day we have all dreamed of must be magical and unforgettable. Give the people you love a great reception. Every detail will be taken care of and perfect.

The service, in high season, is reserved exclusively for those who wish to rent the entire Villa: ask for information.
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Private Events
The ancient oil mill inside our centuries-old park has been renovated to become a perfect location for private events. Choose the theme, colors and type of event; our team of professionals is ready to welcome you and satisfy all your requests so that you can experience your dream event.

We rent the location for events of all kinds, from birthdays to anniversaries to romantic dinners. An impeccable location for private events in Tuscany embellished by a unique panorama of its kind: the InVilla restaurant is surrounded by greenery.

The Frantoio Room has a maximum capacity of 30 seats and has a corner bar for coffee breaks and aperitifs that can also be served on the large panoramic terrace. Here the breathtaking view will leave everyone speechless: the Tuscan hills with their bright colors, Siena with the Torre del Mangia, Piazza del Campo and the Duomo in the distance, the medieval villages and Chianti.

Immersed in the peace of the park, the Frantoio Room allows guests to experience their events in a refined and elegant setting. Every detail has been wisely thought out for a period location, where the nineteenth-century features recall this place like a fairy tale. The location is synonymous with art and beauty, the ideal mix to amaze your guests in a timeless and charming place.
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Corporate dinners
After a careful renovation, the ancient oil mill within our centuries-old park has become the perfect location for your business dinners.

By organizing business dinners in the Frantoio Room, you can enjoy a refined and elegant setting, immersed in the peace of the park of Villa Scacciapensieri. It is the perfect place to celebrate with work colleagues and, after so much effort, a dinner in which to savor the flavors of Tuscany revisited in a modern way. The view that Villa Scacciapensieri offers will also leave everyone speechless: the panorama of the hills, the view of Siena and its numerous monuments will make your dinners even more spectacular.

We guarantee privacy and confidentiality to guests, who can reach a maximum number of 30 people.

The room has a bar corner for your aperitifs, which can also be served on the large panoramic terrace.

Our spaces adapt perfectly to your needs and the room can be set up according to your taste or chosen theme. In the summer you can take advantage of the outdoor spaces, from the large Italian garden for refreshments in the open air, to the romantic-style park where the centuries-old trees will give a sense of peace and relaxation.

The InVila restaurant is the ideal place to organize business lunches, dinners, birthday parties and our staff will assist you in every phase of organizing your event, from the choice of catering, to music and set-ups. Our restaurant satisfies everyone, from the guests of our hotel to those who choose to organize events taking advantage of the beauty of our period location.
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Baptisms and Communions
The ancient oil mill inside our centuries-old park represents a source of pride for us, an environment rich in history and charm. After the renovation, the Frantoio Room has become a suggestive location, perfect for celebrating baptisms and communions.

By organizing baptisms and communions inside the Frantoio Room, you can take advantage of a refined and elegant setting. The room is immersed in the park of Villa Scacciapensieri, which is very well suited for photo shoots with family and relatives.

You choose the theme, the colors and the decorations; our staff will take care of everything that is necessary for an extraordinary event! In addition, the delicious dishes proposed by our Executive Chef will allow you to savor traditional Tuscan cuisine, revisited in a modern way.

The room has a bar corner for aperitifs that can also be served on the large panoramic terrace. This panoramic point is perfect for your photos overlooking the Tuscan countryside, where the colors become more and more intense and blend with nature. Siena in the distance, with Piazza del Campo, the Torre del Mangia, the Duomo and the Baptistery, will make your party even more magical: the InVilla restaurant is ready to welcome you.

The maximum capacity of the room is 30 people, to whom we guarantee privacy and confidentiality thanks to the displaced position with respect to the main structure.

A short distance from the main Tuscan cities and from the medieval and characteristic villages, the InVilla restaurant is made unique by the authenticity typical of the Tuscan countryside whose beauty feeds a profound well-being: the shapes, the scents and the unique colors of this place, will leave you a unforgettable memory.
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Corporate Christmas Dinners
The ancient oil mill inside our centuries-old park has been renovated, giving life to a suggestive room with a warm and comfortable climate. The ancient stone and brick walls and refined colors create a pleasant and elegant environment, perfect for corporate Christmas dinners.

Sala Frantoio is perfect for corporate Christmas dinners for up to 30 people, to whom we guarantee privacy and confidentiality.

In fact, the location of the room, immersed in the peace of the park, will allow you to spend a pleasant evening in the company of colleagues in total tranquility.

The room has a bar corner for aperitifs and a lovely panoramic terrace.
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Meeting and Conference Room
The ancient oil mill inside our centuries-old park has been renovated to become a reserved meeting and conference room. It is the ideal place to manage meetings and conferences, corporate conferences and team building activities, meetings, events and presentations. Our professional team will be available to provide complete assistance for the duration of the event and offer a personalized solution to guests' requests.

It is possible to book our Frantoio Room for meetings, business seminars or conferences, with a maximum capacity of 30 seats.

The room also has a "bar" corner for coffee breaks and aperitifs, which can also be served on the large panoramic terrace. Between the Tuscan hills, the Chianti landscape and the numerous monuments of Siena, the view is lost in the beauty of Tuscany, which with its colors and its atmosphere will leave everyone speechless.

Immersed in the peace of the park, the Frantoio Room guarantees privacy and confidentiality for guests and a refined environment. To make your event flawless, every detail will be agreed upon. Our period villa has been skilfully renovated but maintains the characteristics that made it famous in ancient times, when illustrious celebrities and the Sienese bourgeoisie rested there, enjoying the countryside all around.
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Graduation parties
InVilla is a restaurant in Siena where you can celebrate your graduation party. The degree is an important step in life, the realization for a person and also a dream. It represents a fundamental passage through which you can decide who to be and who to become in the world of work. Graduation has been celebrated since ancient times and each place has its own traditions.

If you are looking for a place for your Degree, InVilla is the place for you. A period villa, surrounded by the Sienese hills and Chianti, with a panoramic view will make your party magical. The elegant rooms of the hotel will be the perfect setting for your graduation party in Siena. You will be able to admire beautiful landscapes, dance until late at night under the starry sky without any thought other than to celebrate. In fact, our staff will take care of everything: we will follow the organization, catering and after dinner. Everything will be perfect!

The context allows to satisfy the different needs and different tastes of those who do not want to settle for a banal, styleless ceremony. The elegant and refined setting represents an exceptional setting for any type of event or ceremony.
The taste experience that our restaurant offers has always been accompanied by a punctual and discreet service, impeccable professionalism in the organization and management of any type of party and reception: weddings, baptisms, communions, confirmations, anniversaries, dance evenings, dinners with music live, birthday parties and graduation parties.
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